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Earth Day 2024

Marking Earth Day & Embracing Sustainability

At BW Offshore, we understand the importance of addressing these challenges, while also acknowledging the role we play in a value chain that provides a safe and affordable supply of energy. This is an important factor for economic growth and security in both developed and developing economies. It is crucial that we champion environmental progress by engaging with clients and industry partners to promote emission reduction solutions while also operating with efficiency to minimise our impact on the environment.  

Actions BW Offshore is taking 

How do we, as an oil and gas service provider, help to curb the impacts of climate change? What can we do as an organisation to minimise our footprint and become a more sustainable company? As we aim to shift the ways in which we work, we need to acknowledge the steps, big and small, that we have taken and will continue to build upon to become a more environmentally focused organisation.  

We promote and implement solutions during design to lower emissions on new build FPSOs by applying combined-cycle gas turbines, carbon-capture technology, and energy efficient technology. Through engagement with our clients and potential clients, we create tailored solutions that fit their needs and reduces our emission footprint. We apply a circular-based design in our new build FPSOs, this increases durability and optimises its use. Selection and use of exotic materials, such as stainless steel, compared to carbon steel solutions, leads to increased lifespan without the need for refurbishment or replacement. 

In 2023, BW Offshore engaged with key vendors for BW Catcher to survey methods to reduce single-use plastic sources arising through the supply of consumable items and packaging to support operations.  

We encouraged vendors to use expanded polystyrene, a more environmentally friendly alternative than polystyrene foam, for packaging. Key vendors have supplied BW Catcher operations with biodegradable pallet wraps since July 2023, and we are collaborating with our UK warehouse provider to use fully recyclable wraps and corrugated paper instead of traditional bubble wrap. 

Our New Ventures and Technology Team are fully engaged in exploring opportunities that drive advancement of sustainable offshore energy solutions and innovative technologies. From gas-to-power, wind power, to water desalination, we will continue to explore new opportunities and advancements in the energy space.  

Finally, we plan to release a new company-wide Environmental Policy in the coming months. We aim to lead by example by committing to environmental protection and advancement of cleaner offshore solutions to progress the future of energy.  

Moving forward, together 

In addition to exploring opportunities related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, we are also working to ensure that our internal processes for tracking our sustainability compliance are in place. Developing and implementing these processes ongoing, and as we continue our journey towards becoming a more sustainable organisiation, we will set firm targets for emission reductions. 

Providing clean and renewable energy is no longer an option. The world demands that we as company and as individuals, change how we do things. We can either hold on to the old ways of working or we can step into the future, lead, innovate and find creative and tangible solutions to mitigate and change the course of where we are headed. This is something we must do together to contribute to the future of energy.