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Governance Structure

BW Offshore has a well-developed corporate governance structure and adheres to the Norwegian Corporate Governance Board (NUES) Code of Practice, last updated 14 October 2021.

Management of the Company:

  • Senior Management: has the responsibility to discuss and decide upon strategic objectives, business evaluation, opportunities and risks review, priorities and financial results
  • Functional Management: includes Heads of functions; has the responsibility to develop and implement plans in accordance with the Company’s strategy and priorities

Corporate Governance 

BW Offshore is dedicated to maintaining high standards of corporate governance and investor relation.

Corporate governance addresses the interaction between the shareholders, board of directors, management, employees and other stakeholders.

Maintaining high standards of corporate governance improves the quality of discussions and decisions by the corporate bodies and strengthens confidence among shareholders and the investor market, contributing to value creation.

The annual general meeting will normally take place on or before 31 May each year.


The Board shall make efforts to ensure that as many shareholders as possible may exercise their voting rights in the company’s general meetings and that the general meetings are an effective forum for the views of shareholders and the Board.

Expectations Of Our Business Partners And Our Supplier Code Of Ethics And Business Conduct

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