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As the world changes, we at BW Offshore also change, adding new, different but closely related business opportunities which will thrive next to the established FPSO business.

Marco Beenen, CEO at BW Offshore

BW Offshore has an ambition to generate new ideas and positive returns for stakeholders, using proven capabilities in flexible floating production assets, as well as applying our competence and experience to adjacent business segments to capture energy transition opportunities.

By combining our extensive experience with FPSOs and BW Ideol's leadership in floating offshore wind technology, BW Offshore is dedicated to delivering a sustainable future for offshore energy production.

BW Ideol has a proven track record with two full-scale offshore floating wind turbines currently operating in France and Japan and maintains a robust project pipeline, underscoring their commitment to innovative technology. 

Through our 64% shareholding in BW Ideol, BW Offshore has developed a groundbreaking solution to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from oil and gas assets. This solution is not only an engineering achievement but also a commercially viable model, ready for immediate deployment. Extensively studied with multiple operators, it offers flexible commercial frameworks built on BW Offshore's rich FPSO operational experience. 

By leveraging our experience in developing and operating offshore energy production systems, BW Offshore provides a solid foundation for the continued success and growth of BW Ideol. 



3DTurbine.png Low-Carbon Solutions We leverage BW Ideol's floating wind technology to integrate clean, renewable energy into offshore platforms (FPSOs), significantly reducing reliance on traditional power gene (1).png

Cutting Edge Technology

BW Ideol's proven "damping pool" technology coupled with wind turbines can be strategically deployed in the close vicinity of offshore platforms or FPSOs. 

The clean, renewable electricity generated by these Floating Wind Turbines significantly reduces the platform's reliance on traditional power generation,running on either fuel, gas or diesel. In addition to lowering CO2 and NOx emissions, it allows for increasing gas export or storage.

BW Offshore's solution takes innovation a step further by seamlessly integrating a battery storage system within the damping pool's structure. This system provides sufficient energy to manage wind fluctuations and can ultimately restart critical power generation systems, such as gas turbines or boilers, without disrupting the platform's safe operations.This  approach addresses the intermittent nature of wind power by allowing for smooth and uninterrupted operations of the oil and gas asset. 

BW Offshore, with its international operational experience, is well-equipped to provide adaptive solutions that meet the demands of this changing regulatory environment. By combining BW Ideol's innovative floating wind technology with BW Offshore's proven project delivery and operational expertise, this integrated approach stands as a robust
response to the
energy challenges facing the offshore industry today.


About BW Ideol

BW Ideol is a leading fully integrated platform in floating offshore wind.

They leverage over 13 years of experience in design, execution, and development of floating wind projects. Their expertise combines Ideol S.A.'s patented floating offshore wind technology with their strong engineering capabilities.