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Meet Inger, one of the newest Graduate Engineers in our New Ventures Team!

Hi, I'm Inger👋🏽 

Growing up on the west coast of Norway in Sandnes, I have always enjoyed spending time at the beach, participating in my favourite activity, kitesurfing. This is where my love and interest for the ocean developed, which later led me to pursue my education in Energy and Environmental Engineering. My master thesis was an 'Experimental study on the effect of turbulence on surface waves'. After I finished university, I started here at BW Offshore as a Graduate Engineer in the New Ventures Team.

At the start of university, I was planning on studying medicine, but as I discovered that I missed the required mathematics and science, I quickly decided that I wanted to pursue an engineering degree. My degree is mainly focused on electrical engineering but allows for flexibility between specialisations within environmental or fluid engineering. During my five years of study, I had the opportunity to complete an exchange year in Lisbon, Portugal. Here I immersed myself in subjects related to renewable energy and the energy of the ocean. My inner drive throughout my studies was to ultimately work with an area supporting the energy transition.

Therefore, BW Offshore and the New Ventures Team was a perfect fit for me! BW Offshore acknowledges that emissions need to be reduced in order to meet the climate goals defined in the Paris Agreement, and to do so, new solutions must be developed and incorporated.

During my time with BW Offshore, I have found that the New Ventures Team is a forward-leaning group, tackling multiple areas at once. The team is exploring new technology solutions for a variety of applications, from Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) to low-carbon ammonia production. New Ventures is an area of the organisation that is changing rapidly and it is therefore necessary to work on many concepts at the same time.

Continuing learning

During my first six weeks, I have had the opportunity to be a part of many different topics within the team. One exciting task was learning how to use a simulation programme called HOMER pro. HOMER pro can simulate an energy system containing renewable energy, allowing the production capacities and cost to be further evaluated. This can be very helpful when deciding if a concept is viable or needs some adjustments; for instance, if a battery should be incorporated to optimise energy output of the hybrid microgrid. I find this very interesting and it makes it easier to understand the concepts due to the software providing some visual insight.

I am also responsible for investigating hydrogen production, and specifically how the water process will be managed. The debate surrounding hydrogen is whether this compound can be used as future fuel. I am currently obtaining the information required to assess the capabilities of hydrogen; from contacting possible vendors to reading different case studies and articles. So, even if I finished university, I am still learning a lot!

Getting to know the team

I have also had the opportunity to take part in a team workshop to establish a brand new Strategic Development Department, which incorporates our Sustainability and Floating Wind Teams, together with New Ventures. During the workshop, I met all my new colleagues and gained a better understanding of how the different teams work - and how they aspire to contribute to the success of BW Offshore in a fast-changing energy landscape.

The workshop was very motivational, and it is exciting to be a part of this new team, which is clearly an investment in the company's future. It also provided me with a better understanding of the industry in general. What positively surprised me during the workshop, but also throughout the last few weeks, is how much my insight and feedback has been valued by everyone, even though I am a newly graduated student who is only just beginning my career.

It has positively surprised me how much my insight and feedback has been valued by the team, even though I am a newly graduated student who is only just beginning my career.

Inger Løvvig, Graduate Engineer


I am excited to continue expanding my knowledge of the energy sector whilst developing innovative solutions at BW Offshore.
Inger Skundberg Løvvig, Graduate Engineer